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Color Code your Lab with Plate Racks

Smarten things up by color coding your lab. ProRax is available in seven bright colors - choose one color a day and simplify your work in the lab.

The high quality plate racks from ProLab help you to organize your lab. Seven bright colors are available to color code the laboratory and you can choose the height and size that suits you and your plates. Made from high molecular weight polyethylene, they are very durable and can withstand high temperatures for sterilization.

In short: ProRax is ideal for organizing incubators for ISO compliance!

  • Seven bright colours available to allow colour coding within the laboratory
  • Choose between racks for Rodac plates, 9 cm plates or 14 cm plates
  • Variable heights available
  • Durable – manufactured from high quality plastic
  • Withstand high temperatures for sterilization
  • 5 Year guarantee

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