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Microbiologics Packaging and Label Improvements

Microbiologics is continuously striving to improve their products and increase customer satisfaction. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that improvements are being made to their packaging and labels for several products.

These changes include:

1. Replacement of 4 passages with ≤ 4 passages on all EZ-Accu Shot, EZ-Accu Shot Select, EZ-CFU, EZ-CFU One Step, EZ-Hydro Shot, EZ-PEC, EZ-FPC, EZ-SPORE and Epower labels.

Reason for Change: Throughout 2016 all Microbiologics products will transition from four passages to three passages from the reference culture. During the transition period the products listed above will state “less than or equal to four passages” on all labeling. Once all the products have been moved to three passages, the labels will be updated to state “three passages.”

 2. Re-sealable plastic bags will be replaced with small plastic canisters for Epower, Epower CRM, EZ-FPC, EZ-SPORE and Parasite Suspensions packaging. Microbiologics will no longer use metal (paint) canisters to ship larger amounts of these products. This change will take effect before the end of Q2 2016.

Reason for Change: This packaging renovation is intended to improve usability and appearance, and increase customer satisfaction. The packaging will be large enough to fit one vial and abbreviated Instructions for Use.

3. Removal of peel-off labels for EZ-Accu Shot, EZ-CFU, EZ-CFU One Step, EZ-Hydro Shot, EZ-PEC, EZ-FPC, Epower, Epower CRM, EZ-SPORE and KWIK-STIK Plus. 

Reason for Change: The feedback from customers has not reflected a great need for peel-off labels. To save cost and simplify our label printing processes, the peel-off labels will be discontinued.

The changes in packaging and labels listed above will take effect near the end of June 2016