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We have all the Lyophilized QC Microorganisms you need!

Do you work with VITEK2™ and API® and need to replace your source for QC microorganisms?

From Microbiologics® we can offer specially designed QC Sets in a variety of ready-to-use formats for the VITEK 2™ and other ID/AST systems.

Each ready-to-use QC Set contains the recommended QC strains in an easy-to-use format. Bundled Sets and Panels of Microorganism QC sets and Panels strains for QC of Instruments and Test Kits.

Choose between more than 900 strains of QC Microorganisms in convenient and cost-effective formats.
Contact us if you need cross references to swish from your old formats of QC strains and/or follow the links to read more about:

Microbiologics QC Sets & Panels
QC Sets for Vitek 2™